Operationalising Customer Experience: Best Practice Guide

What you’ll learn

This report provides a practical framework to help senior-level marketers drive the technology agenda within organisations that want to pursue a competitive strategy based on customer experience (CX).

A future-proofed approach to CRM strategy development is central to a successful CX strategy, but too often CRM initiatives and programmes are developed in an ad hoc fashion.

The structured methodology outlined in this paper will help, guide and support the integration of CRM and CX strategies, align technology with business goals, and put marketers at the heart of the strategic planning process.

The report sections include the following:

  • How to manage the customer experience
  • Getting a sustainable competitive advantage
  • The six pillars of customer experience excellence
  • Establishing a CRM planning framework
  • A look at the customer decision-making journey.

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Who is the report aimed at?

  • C-suite executives looking for an overview of CX and CRM within their organisation and appreciating the importance of integrating these.
  • CMOs looking for a strategic, top-down framework to design CX and CRM roadmaps, define these in a rigorous, structured manner and align these with technology strategies
  • Brand marketers looking to understand how brand, CX and CRM strategies can be integrated and synergies across them exploited.
  • CTOs wanting to align the Technology Road Map and investments with the CX and CRM strategies.
  • Mid-level marketers managing CRM programmes wanting an insight into the strategy and planning processes required of senior marketers in the organisation i.e. what they’ll be expected to do when they get promoted.
  • Functional specialists (e.g. ecommerce, data analysts, social and mobile) looking for the broader context in which their disciplines operate.
  • Procurement and finance specialists involved in large-scale martech purchases looking to understand the business context of the investments being made.

List of contributors / experts

  • Rohit Prabhakar, Head of Digital Marketing Strategy & Marketing Technologies, McKesson
  • Peter Pritchard, Commercial Director, Pets at Home
  • Charlie Mayfield, Chairman, John Lewis Partnership
  • Neil McCausland, Chairman, Karen Millen


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About the author

Andrew Campbell has a track record of success in designing and delivering marketing programmes that deliver high payback for clients. He has worked client and agency side, in B2C and B2B and across all industry sectors with leading brands such as HSBC, Thomas Cook, Liverpool FC, Best Western Hotels and Daimler Chrysler UK.