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U.S. Grocery Retail Digital Report

This report contains an analysis of the grocery retail sector, with a focus on its digital evolution and related trends having an impact on the major U.S. players in the space.

It contains detailed profiles of Kroger, Walmart, Safeway and more, and tells their digital transformation stories, as well as providing historical and forecasted ad spend figures in the U.S. grocery retail market.

DNA of a Great M-Commerce Site Part 2: The 12 Pillars of Mobile Design

This report introduces and explains the 12 pillars of m-commerce web design, using best practice examples and expert advice.

It will help you create an m-commerce site, whether that is responsive, adaptive or dedicated site, which will meet the needs of the modern multichannel consumer in an efficient, elegant and effective manner in order to maximise conversions online and offline.

The State of Digital – Shift London 2016 report

In May 2016, more than 500 marketers gathered at the inaugural Shift conference in London for two days of ideas and insight sharing about digital transformation.

This report summarises the trends, challenges and best practice information shared, with commentary and analysis from ClickZ’s journalists and analysts.

Ecommerce Checkout Best Practice Guide

The checkout is the most important conversion funnel for ecommerce. A poorly structured or badly optimised checkout will lose your business money through basket or checkout abandonment and failed transactions.

This 270+ page report will help you to increase the amount of revenue your site can generate by focusing on the key checkout capabilities, by providing actionable takeaways along with best practice tips.

DNA of a Great M-Commerce Site Part 1: Planning

With the number of customers willing and able to buy products and services using a mobile device increasing rapidly, there is considerable pressure for companies to embrace mobile commerce (m-commerce) or risk losing customers to competitors old and new.

This is the first of a series of comprehensive reports which outline what is required for m-commerce success.

Operationalising Customer Experience: Best Practice Guide

A future-proofed approach to CRM strategy development is central to a successful CX strategy, but too often CRM initiatives and programmes are developed in an ad hoc fashion.

The structured methodology outlined in this paper will help, guide and support the CRM strategy, helping to align technology with business goals, and leading to significant rewards.

Future of the Retail Customer Journey: A Marketer's Guide

As the retail sector faces unprecedented change, there has never been a more important time for the industry to meet the needs of customers in an increasingly digital culture.

In this report, we introduce the Customer Journey Matrix and consider how findings from the fields of behavioural economics and neuroscience can inform how digital marketers can optimise the customer journey.

Social Customer Service: Best Practice Guide

Modern customer service through open channels can be extremely valuable, but also carries a share of risk, so it is understandable that some businesses may err on the side of caution.

Customer service on social has to be extremely responsive, but also open, honest and effective. ClickZ Intelligence shows you how.

UK Grocery Retail Digital Report

Advancements in technology have diminished the long standing influence of the bricks-and-mortar store, with technology-empowered customers becoming increasingly comfortable using multiple channels to shop.

This report contains an analysis of the grocery retail sector from a digital strategy and marketing perspective, with a focus on the industry’s digital evolution and related trends which are impacting the major UK players in this space.

The State of Digital – ClickZ Live New York 2016 report

In April 2016, more than 1,000 marketers attended the 17th ClickZ Live New York. Held over two days with dozens of speakers and a total of 40 sessions, a great deal of insight was shared at the conference.

This report distils some of the key takeaways of the day into one unmissable report, with commentary and analysis from ClickZ’s journalists and analysts.

Innovation in Retail Banking

Recent years have witnessed an influx of cutting-edge technologies that are changing the way banks conduct business.

In this report, we showcase the sector’s key innovations and analyse how they open up opportunities and challenges for major retail banks in the face of threats from technology giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

Artificial Intelligence – A Marketer's Guide

When we think of artificial intelligence, we often conjure up images of Terminator-like figures attempting to take control of our world. But it’s crucial that marketers do not dismiss AI as only for the movies.

In this report, we demystify the world of artificial intelligence and give you practical information on how AI can be used in marketing now and in the near future.

The State of Mobile Advertising

With the world increasingly moving towards mobile, the opportunities to improve marketing performance and increase market share through effective and targeted digital advertising have never been better.

Based on an in-depth survey of more than 400 client-side advertisers and agencies, this report assesses the state of mobile advertising in 2016, and explores the extent to which brands are putting mobile at the centre of their integrated marketing strategies.

Digital Trends 2016

The nine most important trends that marketers and digital professionals need to know about, covering everything from social media and content marketing to data and analytics.

This guide offers comprehensive analysis by the ClickZ intelligence team, with input from our 40-strong panel of expert contributors. It’s divided up by digital marketing discipline, with a further selection of important themes such as personalisation, marketing automation and artificial intelligence permeating the report.