Obama Looks Ahead to Oregon Primary in E-mail Push

ClickZ_Campaign08_katefinal.jpgHillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain continue to hit up supporters for cash via e-mail, but Obama for America is going one step further. The Senator’s campaign is asking diehards via e-mail to trek to Oregon and knock on doors. The grassroots-minded campaign also used e-mail to push for residents of Obama’s home state of Illinois to get out Tuesday’s Indiana vote, in-person. obama_canvasoregon_email.jpg

Days before the May 5 primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, Senator Barack Obama’s campaign had Oregon in mind. “I know this is a big decision,” noted an April 28 message signed by the candidate. “We need to build our movement in Oregon, so I hope you’ll sign up to take the trip this weekend.”

Another sent May 6 by Oregon Field Director Jack Shapiro asked supporters to “come lend a hand” by visiting the state. The e-mail also urged recipients to donate.

Obama’s campaign also focused on pushing supporters to canvass in Indiana, where the race was neck-and-neck. One e-mail linked to a video in which Indiana Field Director Hallie Schneir asked Illinois supporters to “Make a difference in Indiana,” by visiting voters in the bordering state.

clinton_contribute_email.jpgAlthough Clinton’s e-mails haven’t asked supporters to campaign in Oregon or recent primary states, some urged volunteers to make calls in Indiana and North Carolina.

According to information from Email Data Source, Obama for America bombarded recipients with 15 e-mail messages between April 28 and May 7, while Clinton’s camp pushed out 10 messages in that period. McCain’s campaign was less prolific, sending out 5.

Before Senators Clinton and Obama could worry about getting out the vote for the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, they had another deadline to deal with. The dueling Democrats used the April 30 Federal Election Commission reporting cutoff to convince supporters to give online.

“Our next step on the road to the nomination is a big show of strength when we report our April fundraising numbers,” stated an April 29 e-mail signed by Hillary Clinton.

mccain_book_email.jpgA missive sent by the Obama camp the following day also referenced the filing deadline, suggesting, “the media and superdelegates, whose backing we need, will be watching closely.” The plea also alluded to the Indiana and North Carolina primary war fronts. In the end, Clinton won Indiana and Obama was victorious in North Carolina.

While the Democratic contenders battle for votes and dollars, Republican John McCain has wrapped his fundraising message subtly in issue-focused e-mail messages promising healthcare reform and conservative judge appointments. “If you want judges who will clearly and completely adhere to the Constitution of the United States… then I ask that you join my campaign for president today by making a financial contribution,” stated an e-mail sent May 6, signed by the candidate.

Recent E-mails from
Hillary Clinton for President
Subject Sender Date Message/Issues Content Links
“Your ideas” “Chelsea Clinton” 5.1 Project T-Shirt, shirt design contest, submit design Get Started
“FW: Roaring Back” “Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton for President” 4.30 time running out, upcoming primaries, matched donation before midnight Contribute Now!, Donate
“Counted out” “Hillary Clinton” 4.29 celebrating PA win, pre-FEC filing deadline donation matching Donate
Source: Email Data Source, 2008

Recent E-mails from
John McCain 2008
Subject Sender Date Message/Issues Content Links
“Combating Judicial Activism” “John McCain” 5.6 Supreme Court, constitutionalism, Justices Roberts and Alito, states rights, abortion, affirmative action, Second Amendment, freedom of religion financial contribution, Donate Online
“Faith Of My Fathers” “Rick Davis, McCain Campaign Manager” 5.1 autographed copy of “Faith of My Fathers” offer contribution of $150 or more, reserve your copy
“Straight Talk On Health Care” “McCain News Alert” 4.29 healthcare reform, healthcare savings accounts, tax code reform, Clinton and Obama “out of touch” view ad, donate to keep ad running on TV, donate online
Source: Email Data Source, 2008

Recent E-mails from
Obama for America
Subject Sender Date Message/Issues Content Links
“Vote for Change” “Michelle Obama” 5.2 Voter registration and mobilization drive, Dems registered in PA, NC and IN, enlist friends Vote for Change, Donate
“Deadline: Midnight tonight” “Barack Obama” 4.30 FEC filing deadline, media and superdelegates watching, Clinton attack ads in IN and NC, donate $25 for match donation Donate, Donate Now
“Limited edition bumper sticker” “Obama for America” 4.28 donate $15 before April 30 for sticker, grassroots movement, IN and NC primaries, 1.5 million donors [similar emails promoted car magnets, buttons, t-shirts and posters] Show your Support, Donate
Source: Email Data Source, 2008

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