The Marketer’s Guide to AI: The ClickZ Podcast with Martin Talks


Episode 5 with Martin Talks

The marketer’s guide to AI

In this episode you’ll learn what Artificial Intelligence really is and see some very practical ways for marketers to use AI in their everyday campaigns and reporting. From analysing vast amounts of data, to writing content, there are already a range of tools available for marketers.

About Martin Talks

martin talks headshotMartin is a business innovation and transformation expert for the digital age, he helps entrepreneurs and business people gain momentum and to realise their remarkable potential. He regularly speaks at events, runs workshops, provides consultancy, mentoring and inspiration to businesses. He contributes to ClickZ, Squared Online and the Academy of Digital Business Leaders. Martin specialises in Artificial Intelligence and how it can be applied to marketing.


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Martin is the author of ClickZ’s A Marketer’s Guide to AI Report, a comprehensive guide covering how marketers can benefit from developments in AI, while helping you to develop your point of view on this fascinating subject.

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