ClickZ Intelligence Report: The Future of the Retail Customer Journey [Sample]

The traditional purchase funnel is no longer an adequate model for marketers, with customer behavior becoming less linear and predictable. This research introduces the Customer Journey Matrix as a tool for planning marketing activities and thinking about how emerging technology can be successfully harnessed by retailers.

In this report, we also consider how findings from the fields of behavioral economics and neuroscience can inform how digital marketers can optimize the customer journey.

The report sections include the following:

  • How customer decision journeys have been looked at in the past
  • Changes to the customer journey brought about by digital
  • New technologies that could further disrupt how brands interact with customers
  • The psychology of decision making
  • New strategies for the retail environment where physical and virtual realities blur

Please note: this is a sample of the full report which is available to ClickZ Intelligence subscribers.