ResourcesA Deeper Path to Personalization with RFM Segmentation

A Deeper Path to Personalization with RFM Segmentation

Experienced marketers know that customer segmentation is a critical first step to deliver more personalized experiences. However, the problem with traditional customer segmentation techniques is that they often force marketers to act on assumptions rather than what the data is showing, leading to many missed opportunities.

RFM segmentation is an easy, yet powerful way marketers can reliably segment their customers with a data-driven approach. This approach can help unlock opportunities to improve customer understanding, campaign performance, and make actionable improvements to customers’ experiences with your brand. Understand the foundations behind RFM segmentation, and you’ll be able  to drive deeper personalization for your brand.

This guide covers:

  • Why the traditional way of segmenting customers is an outdated approach
  • What is RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) segmentation and how it’s useful
  • Working examples of RFM segmentation – from various customers segments to scoring
  • Success story: How a billion-dollar security software brand utilized RFM

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