ResourcesSee Content Value Clearly With Return On Effort

See Content Value Clearly With Return On Effort

Keep your finger on the pulse of content performance for better visibility, agility, and prioritization.

Emails have been sent and opened, blogs have been written and published, videos deployed, the website has been updated. You’ve launched yet another campaign to deliver a fantastic customer experience. Now you wait to see if all that content was worth the hard work. Will those hours of design overtime pay off? Will creating all those new assets bring in a nice return?

In this easy to follow guide you’ll find:

  • Why ROI alone is not enough
  • Why content agility and content prioritization are needed now more than ever
  • What is Content Return on Effort?
  • How Content Return on Effort works
  • Who Needs ROE and Why?
  • How to start telling the complete content story

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