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Seven B2B marketers rocking it on social media

The difference between B2C social media marketers and those on the B2B side of the fence is like the difference between hard rock and classical music.

The difference between B2C social media marketers and those on the B2B side of the fence is like the difference between hard rock and classical music.

You might think of the B2C peeps as the cool kids, loud and proud. Members of the B2B crowd wear suits and speak softly, often stiltedly.

While the former wouldn’t hesitate to experiment with Facebook Live or Periscope, the latter may be reluctant to share even pre-recorded video, never mind a live stream.

Yup. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that businesses that use social media to market to other businesses are usually quite buttoned up, restrained and cautious. Those businesses that are marketing to consumers on these very same channels, not so much.

That doesn’t mean all B2B marketers are afraid to let their hair down on social media, though. For example:

1. Oracle

With nearly half a million followers (446K), this giant computer technology company is obviously doing something right on Twitter, this tweet being just one of countless good examples. While most of their updates tie back to their business in one way, shape or form, what I like about this one is not just its lightheartedness, but the fact that it’s all about Oracle’s followers, not the company itself.

2. Intel

Now this is how you dunk! And this is how you use Instagram, too. It’s a great video of a great basketball player, the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon, getting the assist of a lifetime from a drone. What’s not to like?

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You've never seen anything like this. #ExperienceMore of Aaron Gordon's #drone dunk, powered by Intel. #VerizonDunk

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3. Accenture

Think management and technology consulting is boring? Think again. At least it sure doesn’t look that way according to this multi-billion-dollar company’s Twitter feed. It’s informational, sure, but it’s also very engaging and entertaining. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

4. Nielsen

Bold visual content can go a long way toward engaging your audience on social media, as this particular graphic illustrates. Promoting an eBook on segmentation, this post is a good example of what you find all over Nielsen’s Timeline – well-written updates accompanied by compelling, colorful graphics designed to drive traffic to this global performance management company’s website.

Segmentation: Old school, or still cool? Marketers still need to understand their best customers. What do you know about yours?

Posted by Nielsen on Thursday, November 17, 2016

5. Brainjuicer

One glance at what they have to share in 140 characters or less on Twitter, and you can see why the GreenBook Industry Trends Survey has ranked them the #1 Most Innovative Company in Market Research five years in a row. BrainJuicer comes across as an authentic and transparent brand: people who take their work, not themselves, seriously.

6. Kronos

More and more B2B companies are realizing that Instagram is an excellent platform for showing off their spirited corporate culture, and Kronos is one of them. Not only is this a fantastic way to recruit potential new employees, it is also an easy way to introduce the people behind the scenes to your customers and prospects.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Today is also #WearRedDay to support #HeartHealthMonth. ❤ Thank you to all Kronites across the globe who showed their support to help fight heart disease!

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7. Sophos

As Mr. McGuire told Benjamin Braddock in the 1967 film, The Graduate, that there was a “great future in plastics,” I would tell everyone within earshot that video is where it’s at now in the world of social media. Good for Sophos’ Bill Brenner and Mark Loman for using Facebook Live from the conference floor recently. Two thumbs up!


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