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Our goal is to deliver the most insightful and cutting edge content to our readers. To do this, we have a team of in-house writers and regular contributors, and invite guest authors to submit articles.

This page is designed to provide you with some insights as to what we are looking for from guest submissions and a handy checklist to complete when submitting your content.

Whilst we accept submission from all company types and industries please read the below carefully and complete our checklist. If you do not adhere to the checklist your article will not be published.

We don’t guarantee that all submissions will be published, and we typically only respond to those submissions that have potential for publication.

We do not publish press releases, but we do cover news.

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Overview of content guidelines

Our content is written for senior marketers and business leaders who are looking to understand the latest technological innovations and trends that are impacting their business.

Our tone is smart, analytical, data-driven and focused, but also light-hearted and conversational. We’re not too serious and like to keep it real, honest, and are not scared of questioning the norm.

Types of articles we love:

  • Brand-side case-studies. If you work at a brand, or are a technology provider or PR agency that has a client case-study, we would love to hear your story. Note, that the piece should focus on how X technology has enabled Y brand to achieve Z outcome. 750-1,000 words.
  • In-depth analytical pieces. We love to deep-dive into specific technologies that are enabling marketers and look at the latest data and stats that prove it’s working or not working. If you like your data and have found some interesting correlations, write it up and send it in.
  • High-level industry trends. Do you have high-level strategic advice that has helped you do your job better or transform the way your business operates?


  1. The article fits into one of these 4 categories: Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology, Emerging Technology, Digital Transformation.
  2. You can clearly identify the technology that is featured or enabling the outcome that you are covering.
  3.  Your article is written for senior marketers and business leaders. I.e. it is written on the basis that the reader as a strong knowledge of the subject.
  4.  Your article contains data and stats that reinforce your points.
  5.  Your article is not self-promotion.
  6.  Your article contains short paragraphs, has been spell checked and contains some images (ideally graphs and charts). Note our standard image size 1000 x 352. Images that are not this size will be accepted but please try to keep them to the sizes above.
  7. Your article contains a 35-50 word summary that will sit at the top of the article as a lead into the article and is between 750 and 1,500 words.
  8.  Your article is in a word document (or equivalent). You will also need a Google account to upload your article.

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