Times Like These

At times like these, words fail even those of us whose job it is to make sure that words don’t fail. Thousands are dead. Thousands are injured. Tens of thousands are in mourning. The entire nation is in shock. Two of the greatest symbols of our country, signifying our overwhelming economic and military power, have been irreparably damaged — one entirely destroyed, the other damaged forever in our collective psyche.

We have been so fortunate during our nation’s relatively brief history to have almost entirely avoided foreign attack and invasion. But we are no more so fortunate. We are more vulnerable, more uncertain, and certainly more angry. Today’s America is different from yesterday’s. But as the wisdom of the ages says: To remain the same, one must change. A confidence regained, a faith regained, security and peace of mind regained will mean a greater confidence, deeper faith, more genuine peace of mind. A more American America.

In the coming days, we will slowly recover our battered humanity. In the meantime, the thousands of injured will need blood for transfusions. Let’s give of ourselves to each other; there is no better way of reclaiming who we are — as persons, as a nation. Contact the American Red Cross or, if you’re in New York, the New York Blood Center.

Note: For more on the impact of the September 11 attack, check the special section of internet.com’s E-Commerce/Marketing Channel, The Trade Center Disaster: Industry Response.

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