Tracking the Super Buzz

SuperbowlTix.jpgThe Super Bowl battle is about to begin in earnest, but this time I’m not talking about the Bears and the Colts, or even the Tastes Great/Less Filling verses Anheuser-Busch ads… nope I’m talking about the battle for tracking Super Bowl advertising metrics online.

Internet metrics firm comScore Networks is using this Sunday’s big game, and the upcoming Oscars ceremony, to demonstrate its updated ability to segment consumer-focused categories through its Media Metrix service. The ability to track how much attention certain segments of content get online, especially with the Super Bowl, is also getting attention from companies like Akamai Technologies with its Akamai Net Usage Index for Advertising focused on online buzz leading up to the Super Bowl, and Nielsen BuzzMetrics, which has already started releasing its Buzz information about some ads that were previewed online.

It’s an all-out battle folks! No word yet on the point spread.

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