Webinar: Masterclass: How to Convert Your Website Visitors into Customers

Start:19th Oct 2017 01:00pm ET
End:19th Oct 2017 02:00pm

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For years marketers have been battling with the conundrum of extracting the maximum value from their website visitors. With an average of 70% of all users visiting your site never to return and success measured in decimal places, it can sometimes be a frustrating task. But, with access to more information than ever before and new technologies changing the way we can analyze and interpret the data it can also be extremely rewarding and lucrative for those that choose to embrace change.

This webinar has been designed to provide an in-depth review of the latest tools, tips, and technologies to maximize your conversion rate including:

  • The CRO tactics that work and those to ignore
  • The role of machine learning in identifying roadblocks
  • Tracking the metrics that matter
  • Insights from Chad Sanderson about his CRO and A/B testing tactics

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  • Moderator: Linus Gregoriadis, Senior Consultant, ClickZ Intelligence
  • Chad Sanderson, Experience Optimization Manager, Subway
  • James Harber, Insight Consultant, SessionCam