HBO and Uber Partner to Deliver Iron Thrones to App Users

Apr 17 - To promote its new content streaming service, HBO Now, HBO and Uber will spend two days in New York City delivering Iron Thrones based on the one in the series "Game of Thrones" to Uber users.

When Margins Attack: The Impacts of Video Supply Deficit

online-video-advertising Apr 17 - Limited video inventory is creating some unexpected problems in the digital publishing industry. How are you dealing with them?

How Customer Engagement Campaigns Impact Customer Experience

customer-relationship Apr 17 - When a customer is engaged with a brand, they are more likely to have a positive experience with the brand overall. Here are six ways to further engage your consumers.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads: What Are They Really?

Facebook Like button on a keyboard Apr 17 - A look at Facebook's Product Ads option and how your brand can use the offering to boost business on the platform.

Increase the Persuasive Momentum of Your Conversion Funnels

Funnel Apr 17 - Creating persuasive momentum means you can align your customers' goals with your brand's own goals, therefore moving them further down the conversion funnel.

Social Business: Shifting From Noun to Verb

social-sharing-group Apr 17 - Increasingly, businesses need to embrace social strategies in order to succeed in the digital world.

Choosing the Right Localization Partner

localization-global Apr 16 - When localizing a website, consider the quality of translation services to include transcreation, cultural sensitivities, and language to enhance search engine optimization.

Tumblr Lets Brands Run Ads in Users’ Dashboards for 24 Hours

tumblr-landing-page-image Apr 16 - Nike is the first company to test out Tumblr's new ad offering, which allows marketers to serve ads in users’ dashboards for a full 24 hours.

UNICEF Turns to Snapchat to Advocate Awareness of Missing Childhoods in Nigeria

unicef-logo Apr 16 - In UNICEF's latest campaign, Snapchat's disappearing messages represent missing childhoods as a way to remind Millennials that the violence in Nigeria is still going on.

Spotify's Playlist Targeting Takes Behavioral Marketing to the Next Level

shutterstock-200035424 Apr 16 - Today, Spotify introduced its new Playlist Targeting feature that lets brands factor users' moods, needs, and activities into cross-device sponsored content.

These 3 Digital Marketing Strategies Are Making Ads More Relevant for All

relevance-definition Apr 16 - Here are three examples of ways brands can produce highly relevant digital marketing campaigns.

Email as the Digital Workhorse in the Spotlight

email-spotlight Apr 16 - Plus, seven killer stats that will never let you take email for granted again.

How Effective Is Your Content Strategy?

social-content-template Apr 16 - In order to measure the effectiveness of your content strategy, you must first clearly define the objectives and then link the objectives to metrics.

Lessons You Will Learn During Your First Year as an Entrepreneur

first-year-entrepreneur Apr 16 - WIN founder Eyal Bino gives us the scoop on what to expect as you start out in the start-up world.

Woolworths Pulls #FreshInOurMemories Picture Generator Amid Consumer Backlash

woolworths-fresh-in-our-memories-image Apr 15 - Iconic Australian brand Woolworths has closed a website commemorating the 100-year anniversary of Australia's World War I involvement, after social media users accused it of profiting from war.

Who Does It Better: Yahoo Japan or Google Japan?

scales-compare Apr 15 - A comparison between the search results for Yahoo Japan and Google Japan reinforces the keyword targeting opportunities for SEO.

Beats by Dr. Dre’s CMO: We’re Moving at the Speed of Culture

beats-by-dr-dre Apr 15 - Omar Johnson, chief marketing officer (CMO) at Beats by Dr. Dre, shares how the brand stays hyper-creative in order to meet the needs of the transforming entertainment industries.

The Versatile Faces of Social Media

social-data-understand Apr 15 - Social media is continuously evolving and so marketers must develop strategic ways to manage their efforts across the varied platforms.

The Future of Programmatic for Publishers

fragmentation-publishing Apr 15 - If publishers embrace existing demand-side platforms instead of continually creating new ones, the industry will remain as de-fragmented as possible and everyone will have the option to see improved...

Reach Customers in Their Favorite Places With Mobile

tablet-reading-hammock Apr 15 - Even with the use of mobile devices surpassing desktops to access the Internet, many businesses have not developed or refined their mobile strategy. Understand the imperative and learn why a sustainable...

Japanese Whisky and a Digital Market That’s Heating Up

suntory-whiskey-3d-ice Apr 14 - A 3-D ice cube sculpting campaign for Japan's whisky lovers reflects an increasingly creative digital mindset across the region.


Instagram Followers Don't Equal Engagement [Study]

instagram-icon-large Mar 13 - A new study by digital think tank L2 found that Instagram content, rather than audience size or posting frequency, helps brands like Nike and Starbucks maintain strong engagement.


Google to Make Mobile URLs More User-Friendly

Apr 17 - Google has updated its mobile URL display algorithms to better display the names of websites and support structured data on mobile devices...

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