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KFC Offers Alipay Mobile Payments to Chinese Customers

Jun 30 - KFC China has partnered with Alipay to offer mobile payment options for in-store purchases in China, following Walmart's move in May.

Pinterest Rolls Out Buyable Pins for iPhone and iPad

pinterest-alt Jun 30 - Pinterest has partnered with thousands of brands including Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom to offer Buyable Pins.

Digital Meets TV with Dr. Phil and DailyMail Partnership

interview-phil Jun 30 - In a video interview with ClickZ, TV host Dr. Phil McGraw discusses his new partnership with The Daily Mail and how digital has changed the way viewers consume TV content.

Denny's, Walmart and Goodwill Score With Location Data [Study]

locations-context Jun 30 - Combining location-based data with other types of data, such as app and purchase, helped the three brands launch successful mobile campaigns, according to new research from the MMA.

Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Wearable?

virtual-reality Jun 30 - Shortly before VR is available to the public, the Apple Watch breathed life back into wearables. Could VR be the next big one, or are the two technologies ultimately too different?

China's Great Data Paradox

china-big-data Jun 30 - The way data is collected, shared and used by marketers in China is still evolving, as agencies and clients work together in a test and learn environment.

CMOs: Read This Before Choosing Your Predictive Marketing Solution

analytics-framework Jun 30 - Data is the heart of market exploration today. Now more than ever before, CMOs have access to petabytes of customer information and dozens of analytics tools. It's this same wealth of information, however...

How Data is Changing the Role of the CMO

cmo-image Jun 30 - In this roundup, senior marketing executives from Assurant Solutions, Host Analytics, OpenTable and WeCareCard, talk about the way data is changing their approach to leadership.

Win Over the Consumer With Data Transparency

consumer-data Jun 30 - Companies that are honest about their data practices are more likely to build trust with consumers.

4 Keys to Personalization in an Omnichannel World

content-personalization Jun 30 - How to achieve that one-to-one connection as your customers navigate across channels.

Unchain Marketing Data to Improve High-Value Customer Experience

marketing-automation-graphic Jun 30 - While most marketers look at customer insights, shockingly few pay enough attention to their highest-value customers - a status that goes beyond simply who spends the most money.

How Can Competitive Intelligence Help Small Businesses?

women-in-tech3 Jun 30 - Competitive intelligence is a hot topic, but how are small businesses using this data to grow?

Millennials: The Shopping Cart Masters

cart-abandonment Jun 30 - Millennials may abandon their online shopping carts, but reminder emails should take the right tone - this demographic is far more likely to revisit those carts, even on another device.

What Does Meditation Have in Common With Digital Marketing?

yoga Jun 29 - After using a meditation app, Mandeep Grover finds many techniques which are just as useful when applied to a digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Battle Being Won with First Party Data (Study)

data-quality Jun 29 - A new survey has found that most top marketers are abandoning third-party data, giving rise to greater personalization with first and second-party data.

Big Analytics, Good Will and 'The Queen of the Internet'

taylor-swift Jun 29 - Spotify recently bought an analytics platform to quickly stay competitive after Apple got some brand good will at the hands of Taylor Swift.

A Practical Guide to Programmatic Planning in China: Part 1

programmatic-visual-media Jun 28 - Charlie Wang talks through the finer points of planning a programmatic strategy for China.

5 Questions in 5 Minutes With Facebook

facebook-automation Jun 27 - At Cannes Lions, ClickZ caught up with some of Facebook's executives to talk about mobile, Instagram and more.

5 PPC Tips from ClickZ Live Toronto

004-allstate Jun 26 - To have the best possible PPC campaigns, Finhas Jhaveri of Allstate Insurance recommmends paying equal attention to branded and generic keywords and thinking in terms of different devices.

Tweets of the Week: #LoveWins

white-house-same-sex-marriage Jun 26 - This week's tweets include the NBA draft and take your pet to work day, but marriage equality in the U.S. was the showstopper, sending Twitter into a frenzy.

Snapchat Leads to 'Bestie Brands' #CZLTO

snapchat-logo Jun 26 - It may seem like a flash in the pan, but compared with Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat gives marketers a better chance to create close relationships with consumers, according to a ClickZ Live Toronto...


Lack of Premium Inventory Inhibits Video Ad Spend [Study]

video-image-2015 Jun 9 - Both sell-side media companies and buy-side advertisers agree that lack of premium inventory hold back video’s growth, according to Forrester.


Search in China Goes Beyond Baidu as Qihoo 360 Launches in Hong Kong

Jul 1 - Qihoo 360 hopes a partnership with an agent in Hong Kong will help promote its search engine capabilities to international brands...

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