Bring Your Attribution Model up to the 21st Century

Nov 6, 2013 - A holistic attribution model is a very good thing for the industry and a way to strengthen any customer-centric approach. Comments

A New Look at the Value of Data to Marketers and the Economy

4thgraphic Oct 22, 2013 - New research from the Data-Driven Marketing Institute outlines the scope and flow of data through our data-driven economy. Comments

Data is Great, But the Value is in the Insights

An eye in close-up superimposted by a screen of random numbers Oct 14, 2013 - Any conversation around marketing analytics must focus on the insights that we glean, not just the data that we analyze. Comments

Mad Men vs. Math Men: 5 Ways to Automate for Both Sides of Your Marketing Brain

human-brain Aug 19, 2013 - A repeatable process for real-time, multi-channel optimization can make an enormous difference in how each campaign performs overall and within the overall marketing mix. Comments

Who I Am Is Less Important Than What I Do: Identifying the 'Right Data'

data-cloud Jul 22, 2013 - Modern marketers who are able to determine the key elements of data that make a difference in response, ROI, and business performance are the ones who will earn a market advantage. Comments

Humanizing 'Big Brother' - Integrated Customer Experiences in an Age of Privacy

privacy-image Jun 24, 2013 - Marketers can use data to design shared experiences that guide people through the sales or brand journey. Comments

What Continued Investment in MA Businesses Gives to Marketers

market-word May 27, 2013 - Marketers should expect this investment on the supplier side to pay off for them with increased product innovation, integrated platforms, additional partnerships, and strengthened cross-channel integration. Comments

Purposeful Partnership Methodology: How to Be a Good Client

business-people Apr 29, 2013 - What five marketers think makes a good client. Comments

MapReduce and Marketing: Are Small Bits of Big Data Meaningful?

big-data Apr 1, 2013 - Start tapping technology tools that provide the ability to identify the key bits of data that are really important to your decisioning or messaging, and use those to create an ominichannel view of the customer. Comments

Big Brands on Big Data: Bigger Marketing Is Not Better

big-data Mar 4, 2013 - Marketing has always been the advocate of the consumer; now, we are much more responsible for the entire customer experience. Comments

Are Predictive Models Dead?

prediction Feb 11, 2013 - All business today is data-driven and the most progressive and advanced marketers are using automation to reach new levels of customer connectedness. Comments

Big Data 101: Use Web Data to Understand Customer Intent

big-data Jan 7, 2013 - How are you using web data to improve your customer experiences - and increase revenue? Comments

Got Social Data? Must Transform Analytics Operations

shutterstock-104973152 Dec 10, 2012 - Marketers must connect customers with experiences and purchase opportunities…and then get the heck out of the way. Comments

Airlines Automation Gone Wild: Messaging Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

american-apparel-hurricane-offer-oct-2012 Nov 12, 2012 - Which would you rather be: the marketing team who generated response or the team who expressed sympathy? Comments

Forget Segmentation: It’s Time to Engage

target-your-customers Oct 15, 2012 - The faster consumers interact with our brands, the faster we need to respond. Segmentation alone doesn't keep up. Comments

Big Data and the Marketing Organization

big-data Oct 1, 2012 - How to make sure you're using all the data available to make meaningful connections with customers when they are in market to receive the message. Comments

Irony: Optimizing Marketing Automation Requires Human Intervention

Aug 20, 2012 - Technology doesn't come up with great creative approaches and associate the right message with the right lifecycle stage; humans do. Comments

Connect Big Data With Customer Behavior to Improve Social, Email, and Web ROI

Jul 23, 2012 - The only path to higher relevancy, response, and revenues is to take a campaign management approach to digital marketing. Comments

Users Emerge As Distinct Category of Shoppers

Jun 25, 2012 - A recent study shows that tablets need to be recognized for their wide consumer appeal and unique marketing potential. Comments

Digital Marketing Attribution: Tapping the Data Disruption

May 29, 2012 - To make accurate budgeting decisions, marketers need to take into account multi-channel, multi-touch purchasing cycles. Here are two examples of how attribution could work for you. Comments

Introducing the Self-Service Generation

Apr 30, 2012 - A new trend of consumer intelligence. Comments

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An Introduction to Marketing Attribution: Selecting the Right Model for Search, Display & Social Advertising

An Introduction to Marketing Attribution: Selecting the Right Model for Search, Display & Social Advertising
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