A 14-Step Blueprint for Customer Conversations

Jan 10, 2011 - Tips for building a process and system for efficiently creating repeatable customer conversations. Comments

European Marketers Look to Make E-mail More Strategic

Dec 22, 2010 - Sorting out the numbers of FEDMA's 23-country study. Comments

FTC Recommends More Government Regulation for Marketers

Dec 8, 2010 - Now is the time for every marketer to step up and be educated about privacy and consumer protection. Comments

Two Approaches to Get Started With Segmentation

Nov 10, 2010 - Ease into segmentation to avoid overtaxing your precious resources, and use the early tests to learn about subscriber interests and understand key success metrics. Comments

E-mail Reputation Data Gives More Guidance Than You Think

Oct 27, 2010 - How to decipher filtering rules for Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and Gmail. Comments

How Shrinking the E-mail File Can Improve ROI

Oct 13, 2010 - Got e-mail subscribers who have not opened your messages in a long time? Don't be afraid to cut them loose. Here's why. Comments

Men and Women and the Inbox: Is There Real Impact?

Sep 29, 2010 - Given the impact of gender, is it a good idea for you to customize e-mail messaging between men and women? Comments

What Engagement Means For E-mail Marketing

Sep 7, 2010 - As Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL change the way they filter and deliver e-mail, marketers must avoid getting relegated to the "everything else" folder. Here's how. Comments

A Deliverable E-mail Address Does Not a Relationship Make

Sep 1, 2010 - Mailbox providers don't think of "engagement" the same way that marketers do. Consider these six approaches to better connect with your subscribers. Comments

Social Marketing May Just Cure E-mail Marketers

Aug 18, 2010 - Social marketing has changed customer expectations and set the stage for deeper subscriber engagement. E-mail marketers who want to succeed need to step up. Comments

How to Adapt to the Ultra Managed Inbox

Aug 4, 2010 - Eight steps e-mail marketers should incorporate into their practices to improve response and revenues for the long term. Comments

Introducing the Ultra Managed Inbox

Jul 21, 2010 - Inbox filters will soon be automated and promoted heavily to new users. Learn what this means for marketers. Comments

The 2012 Inbox: Social, Cluttered - and Still Private

Jul 7, 2010 - Where will e-mail marketing be in two years and how can you prepare for the changes? Comments

ClickZ Readers Identify E-mail Priorities

Jun 30, 2010 - A look at the results of a ClickZ survey on what interests e-mail marketers and areas they would like to improve on. Comments

Is the ISP Postmaster Just Not That Into You?

Jun 23, 2010 - Why begging or bullying won't help your marketing messages make their way into subscribers' inboxes. Comments

Do Your Part to Prevent More Government Oversight

Jun 9, 2010 - Just because something is legal, doesn't mean it's right for your customers. Comments

Three Testing Tips to Increase Your E-mail Marketing ROI

May 26, 2010 - Learn what your subscribers - or segments of your subscribers - really want. Comments

How to Maintain Your Sanity While Optimizing Your Marketing

May 12, 2010 - If everything in marketing sounds like a good idea, how can you resist the urge to try it all? Consider these approaches to "resist" opportunities. Comments

Are You Ready for Inbox 2.0?

Apr 28, 2010 - To stay at the center of the digital experience, e-mail marketers must create amazing consumer experiences. Here is a six-point checklist to audit your readiness. Comments

What Kind of E-mail Marketer Are You?

Apr 14, 2010 - Take a look at these five categories of e-mail marketers and see if you recognize any of them. Comments

Use E-mail to Nurture and Convert Search Leads

Mar 31, 2010 - Three primary ways that e-mail can extend your search relationship. Comments

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