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What is ClickZ Stats?
(formerly CyberAtlas)

ClickZ Stats is the Web marketer’s guide to online facts, Internet research, trends, and analysis. The site provides readers with valuable statistics and Web marketing information, enabling them to understand their business environment, and allowing for more informed business decisions. ClickZ Stats gathers online research from the best data resources to provide a complete review of the latest surveys and technologies available.

If you’re looking for some quick statistics, check the ClickZ Stats Stats Toolbox. To make your quest even easier, we’ve divided the Toolbox into sections on Internet Traffic, Advertising Stats, Demographics, E-Commerce, Internet access, and weekly and monthly data.

If you want to know how many people are online, either worldwide or in your corner of the globe, you can check our Geographics section. Here you will find statistics and research on markets outside the U.S., including the online populations of more than 50 countries.

Any information you might possibly need related to e-commerce is in our Retailing section, which includes in-depth coverage during the holiday season.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of Internet technology, check out our Hardware and Wireless sections. For all the numbers junkies out there, our Traffic Patterns section has monthly data on the top properties, sites, and surfing habits.

Since its inception in 1996, ClickZ Stats (formerly CyberAtlas) has amassed numerous awards from reputable Web sites and publications. Also noteworthy, major Web sites and Internet sources cite ClickZ Stats as the place to begin your online research.

Enid Burns
Managing Editor


Does ClickZ Stats conduct its own research?
No, ClickZ Stats amasses research results from around the world and publishes them for interested professionals in the Internet industry.

I need to cite ClickZ Stats content for my boss/professor/teacher/mother/friend. Who do I use as the source?
As previously mentioned, ClickZ Stats does not conduct its own research, so you should be sure to credit the firm that conducted the research. We prefer that readers use a citation that mentions both ClickZ Stats and the research firm. For example, “Forrester Research, from ClickZ Stats.” It should also be noted that the URLs of ClickZ Stats content do not change and all the content is archived, so feel free to use a URL with your citation.

How do I get more information on the methodology used for a survey mentioned on ClickZ Stats?
The best source for that information is the company that did the research. In almost every case, their first mention in a ClickZ Stats article provides a link to their Web page, where you can get more information on their products, services, and methodology.

Does ClickZ Stats sell research reports?
No, but all of the content on the ClickZ Stats site remains free.

Does ClickZ Stats publish a newsletter?
ClickZ Stats delivers timely information to subscribers twice per week. The Tuesday newsletter takes a look at one specific industry relevant to online marketers and provides analysis and statistics. On the last Tuesday of the month, readers will receive a “Stat Pack,” which offers a numerical look of the Internet. The Friday newsletter brings readers up-to-date with the content offered on the ClickZ Stats site, delivering a timely summary of information important to Web marketers. The latest research, surveys, and trends are delivered straight to subscribers’ emailboxes every week.

Information about newsletters, tech support, reprints, and more can be found on the ClickZ Network FAQ.

ClickZ Stats (formerly CyberAtlas) was ranked number 1 on PC Magazine’s 2003 list of “Most Net-Obsessed Sites,” and has been featured as a USA Today Hot Site and on Netscape’s Netcenter. ClickZ Stats and the site’s editors have been mentioned in The New York Times, USA Today, PC Magazine, the Gannett group of newspapers, Fortune Small Business, The Washington Post, Media magazine, Business 2.0, the San Diego Daily Transcript, The Denver Business Journal, the Austin Chronicle and Arkansas Business.

ClickZ Stats has been recognized as an exceptional site by the International Marketing Review journal; featured in the Scout Report for Business & Economics, the premier biweekly collection of useful Internet sites for researchers, educators, and students in business and economics; and by Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge. ClickZ Stats was the site of the month in the March 2002 issue of The CyberSkeptic’s Guide to Internet Research. The newsletter has been featured on List-A-Day.com for its superior quality and original content, and headlines are featured on the Daily Rotation.

ClickZ Stats is often used as a source of research for colleges and universities around the world, and the site has been used as a case study in marketing and communication classes.

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