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Can artificial intelligence create content as well as a human?

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from a company that uses artificial intelligence to create content. 'You choose the topic and length, and our algorithm will create your content'. This got us wondering, so we asked Articoolo to write an article about AI writing articles.

Artificial intelligence is undeniably going shape the future in a huge way. It’s already playing a role in our everyday lives; have you watched Netflix or Googled anything lately? But of course, as companies invest more in AI, the question of “But will it take our jobs?” is always lurking in the background.

A Gallup survey found that 73% of Americans believe AI will eliminate more jobs than it creates. However, only 23% are worried about their jobs. Some occupations are more suited to automation than others. Tollbooth operator. Factory worker. Cashier. (The “standing around and troubleshooting when the self-checkout machine acts up” industry looks to be safe, though.) Something those jobs have in common is, they don’t require a ton of decision-making. Could AI do something more creative?

Artificial intelligence already creates content. Hundreds of Washington Post articles have been authored by a robot, for example. Heliograf, the paper’s own AI technology, has written short articles about the Olympics, political races and high school sports. Similarly, AI covers earnings reports for the Associated Press.

Those are all pretty straight reporting. All week, I’ve been wondering if AI is capable of writing less rote articles that sound more, well, human. This all came about when David Blackstone, a business development executive, from Articoolo emailed me to say the tool now works in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish, in addition to English.

Looking into Articoolo, I learned that the company’s technology creates “unique, proofread high-quality content from scratch simulating a real human writer.” I couldn’t get past the “simulating a real human writer” part. I asked Blackstone if his company’s technology could write an article about AI writing articles. So meta, right?

Check it out below, raw and unedited.

An article about AI, written by AI

As artificial intelligence is penetrating more and more into marketing, there is concern about what AI means for the industry. Certain marketers are hesitant about the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Technology rejection from consumers made them fear from the technology

AI has given opportunities to marketers already and provides tools and knowledge to solve some of the most complicated problems they face. With the help of machine learning and AI, content marketers demonstrate superior performance than ever.

Artificial intelligence already supports content marketers by narrowing the gap of content discovery. By using machine learning from the beginning of content creation, marketing staff can dramatically increase the probability of content that the appropriate audience discovers and engage.

Content marketers are familiar with content planning around information that is supposed to have more demand. Indeed, such guessed speculation is likely to be budgetary bleeding with little or no return. AI can guide marketers to create high value content by analyzing in real time and strengthening discoverable content using related keywords and schematics and building strategies. One of the strengths of AI is that content at early stages of the trend, by using algorithms to track emerging conversations through the Internet and identify the conversation over social media platforms. These products can look for unrelated information, junk posts, published content to recognize untrusted sources, and brands can concentrate on content that is most interesting to their readers.

Many marketers are overwhelmed by the challenge of catching up with the rapid speed of the marketing industry, but the cost of brands being neglected cannot be ignored. The ability of today’s machine learning platform to go over tons of data points can ease the challenge for content marketers to keep up with SEO’s latest developments and best-performing content formats at all times. Also, as search environments are constantly changing, AI-based solutions can automatically respond to changes in content formats and standards.

The most important advantage AI holds for marketers is smart content. For overwhelmed marketers, content that self-recognizes and self-regulates and enhances discovery and engagement may seem like a dream, but due to the ability of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Make it easier for marketers.

Assessing the artificial intelligence

Some of the language is a little off, reminiscent of those literal Google translations that result in sentences that are technically correct, but awkwardly worded. But overall, it’s a much better article than I thought it would be. There’s certainly nothing there that a human editor couldn’t fix quickly enough.

Artificial intelligence is powered by human intelligence. Robots and algorithms do what people tell them to do, but lack the empathy many decisions required. Algorithms place ads on sites consumers visit, but left unchecked, those ads can accompany offensive content brands don’t want to be associated with.

In many cases, AI’s role in business is meant to complement a human’s efforts, not replace them. Associated Press and The Washington Post have both said that automating certain articles frees reporters to work on higher-value activities. Who knows, maybe ClickZ will go the same route and start featuring content written by artificial intelligence and edited by humans so that you couldn’t even tell.

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