Amazon to Abandon Adobe Flash Next Month

Amazon will stop accepting Flash ads on its website or advertising platform on September 1, according to the company’s technical guidelines.

This action, according to Amazon, is in response to other major industry players’ updates. In July, Mozilla Firefox decided to block all versions of the Flash Player plugin. A month earlier, Google Chrome started pausing content, like Flash animations, that was not central to the webpage, while keeping central content, such as a video, playing without interruption. Back in February, Apple Safari also blocked users from running Adobe Flash Player if they were using an out of date or insecure version.


                              Amazon puts another nail into Adobe Flash’s coffin.

Those decisions by popular browsers indicate that Flash has become a fossil in the Web technology world. Facebook’s chief security officer Alex Stamos called for Flash’s funeral on Twitter, as well.

Amazon is not alone in announcing Flash is dead this week. On Monday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau also ditched Flash for HTML5 as the new industry standard in interactive marketing.

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