An Ad Network Option Tailored for Concert Promoters

Concert promotion and management company Live Nation has chosen AdBrite to help its clients place and track the performance of online ad campaigns.

The monitoring happens through a new service called Live Nation eFan Finder. Local Live Nation concert marketers can promote concerts with AdBrite campaigns tailored by region, demographics and other factors.

Once the ads are place on AdBrite network sites, recording artists, agents and promoters use Live Nation eFan Finder to see the sites that are carrying the ads and attain reports detailing the number of times each ad was shown and clicked on by a visitor. The program will make use of three formats: banners, text ads and interstitials.

“I’ve been working with Live Nation for more than a year now,” said AdBrite VP of Sales Jim Benton. “The first task was to promote a local concert in Dallas.”

That concert sold out, he said, which set the stage for a deeper relationship. Since then, Live Nation has used AdBrite to help promote a number of additional concerts.

AdBrite recently launched a new competitive marketplace for algorithms and ad targeting technologies, called Open Targeting Exchange, and those capabilities are incorporated into the eFan Finder offering.

AdBrite has arrangements with many ad networksin which they sell inventory into AdBrite’s auction-based marketplace.

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