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Anti-spam products offered to ISPs are no longer mere ports of enterprise systems; most companies now build specific products for the ISP market. There are many options available, and each ISP should be able to find a suitable product.

Product and Company Founded Service
Most Recent Article
PureMessage by
July 1997 in Vancouver BC Canada Perl-based open source server-side software. Designed to be customizable.
[November 8, 2002” Pearl of an Anti-Spam Program
Brightmail 1998 in San Francisco CA Software takes advantage of a global network of spam-collecting dummy mailboxes to “fingerprint” spam. Designed for big ISPs.
[October 11, 2002” Brightmail 4.0 Cracks Down on Spam
OrangeBox by Cobion 1997 in Kassel, Germany Filtering and anti-spam software, available in enterprise (server-side) and home (client-side) versions, is supported by a data center that crawls 120 million websites every month.
[March 27, 2003” Ready to go Right Out of the OrangeBox
SpamSquelcher by ePrivacy Group 1999 in Philadelphia PA Appliance uses heuristics to prioritize email over spam without actually stopping spam. Complements other anti-spam methods. Starts at $19,000, with actual price depending on network size.
[February 20, 2003” Slower Spam Would Annoy Spammers
Habeas, Inc. 2002 in
Palo Alto CA
Fighting spam with copyrighted haiku and the DMCA.
[September 12, 2002” Poetry vs. Spam in Amsterdam
IMail by
1991 in Lexington MA NT-based mail server. Priced at $1,495 for unlimited users plus an annual service agreement of about $445.
[April 11, 2000” IMail’s Security, Anti-Relay, and Anti-Spam Features
IronPort Systems November 2001 in San Bruno CA Appliance-based. Relies on a “bonded server” concept.
[October 4, 2002” Making Spammers Pay
SkyScan AS by MessageLabs December 1999 in Gloucester UK Uses heuristics. MessageLabs runs its own servers through which customers’ mail passes. Priced per user per month starting at about $3.24 for 100 mailboxes and decreasing for higher volumes.
[July 31, 2002” Keeping Up With Ratware
Message Server by Mirapoint 1997 in Sunnyvale CA High-end mail appliance vendor. Multi-featured server starts at $39,000.
[April 12, 2002” Mirapoint’s Multiprocessing Messengers
Net-Sieve October 2001 in Austin TX Appliance-based product starts at a $19,995 flat fee for 250 users.
[January 2, 2003” An Anti-Spam Startup’s First Box
Postini 1999 in Redwood City CA This scalable service has a wide variety of pricing options, so ask Postini for detailed pricing information for your ISP.
[November 20, 2000” Hope on the E-mail Front
MailSite by Rockliffe 1995 in Campbell CA A Windows-based mail server. Service provider and carrier-class versions of the software are available.
[January 10, 2002” Charging Fees For What Once Was Free
MailCenter by Sendmail November 1997 in Emeryville CA Eric Allman has been developing message transfer agents (MTAs) since 1981. His company is moving into total mail management. A 100,000 user ISP might pay about $3 per user for the current product.
[December 18, 2002” Mailcenter’s Modular Mail Management
CommuniGate Pro by Stalker Software 1993 in Mill Valley CA High-end mail server available on 25 different operating systems.
[May 8, 2000” Heterogeneous Multi-Server Clusters
Vanquish 2002 in Marlborough MA Client-based software sold to end users directly and through ISP partners. Relies on a “bonded sender” concept and complements other anti-spam measures.
[September 6, 2002” Anti-Spam Startup Seeks ISP Partners
ModusMail by
1994 in Montrial Quebec Canada Priced starting at $6,495 for 1,000 mailboxes on one server, the product uses on a coalition of ISPs to update spam definitions.
[January 17, 2003” Software Equipped with Human Brains

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