Audi and American Airlines Post Best on Facebook

Audi and American Airlines apparently pen the top Facebook posts in terms of getting the social site’s users to “like” status updates and newsfeed comments.

According to a Visibli study, Audi receives 228 “likes” for every 100,000 “likers” it has. Since the carmaker has 3.1 million “likers” on Facebook, Visibli’s research means Audi’s posts average 7,068 “likes.” On Friday, ClickZ News looked at the brand’s last 15 posts and calculated that they averaged 5,877 “likes.” Some updates generated more than 14,000 “likes,” while others attracted fewer than 200.

In a study dominated by pop stars, Audi was No. 1 among all brands while American Airlines finished fifth. Justin Bieber, Chamillionaire, and Lady Gaga rounded out the top five.

Visibli’s study found American Airlines’ Facebook posts average 128 “likes” per 100,000 “likers.” The brand has 147,000 Facebook “likers,” and most of its recent posts inspired between 50 and 200 “likes.”


Toronto-based Visibli researched the Facebook pages of brands with more than 100,000 “likers” to establish its top five lists.

For another part of the study, the digital marketing firm also delved into all Facebook pages with “liker” numbers between 23,000 and 27.5 million. The activities of some 200 million Facebook users were involved.

The most interesting Visibli finding from that data set: A Facebook post generates 50 percent of its “likes” during its initial one-hour and 20 minutes. Eighty percent of its “likes” are created in the first seven hours, and 95 percent of them in 22 hours.

In other words, while relevant content is extremely important, frequency is also integral to engaging Facebook users.

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