Behavioral Targeting Firm Launches How-To Site

With all the factors involved in behavioral targeting, marketers and agencies can easily get confused, so Revenue Science has launched an informational site intended to demystify the marketing tactic. consists of basic explanations of what behavioral targeting is, along with success stories, video demonstrations and a soon-to-be-added blog where users can debate the proper ways to target consumers, according to Marla Schimke, VP of marketing for Revenue Science.

“We developed it because we saw a need for simple yet informative information that explains the basics and the details of targeting,” said Schimke. “We show from a digital standpoint how behavioral targeting works and the benefits for advertisers and agencies.”

As Revenue Science itself is a behavioral targeting firm, Schimke acknowledged it’s in the company’s best interests to promote and inform potential users about behavioral targeting, but she also insisted the site is intended as a community site for all to discuss the topic. Even Revenue Science’s competitors.

“You can go to our Revenue Science Web site and see how we work, but there are other players out there and this brings all the players into one community,” she said. “It’s about having the community to come together and learn more about behavioral targeting and create an atmosphere where everyone can benefit. From marketers to agencies to publishers alike.”

The site will also contain news and articles about behavioral targeting, as well as an event planner for shows and conferences on the subject.

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