Beyond Tweets: How Social and CRM Are Joining Forces

Just about all of us have been taught to tweet, get people to “like” our Facebook posts, and share incessant imagery through Instagram – right?

These things are important. In fact, they’re the start of social media. Right? Wrong!

If you’re a teenager and want to just share updates with friends and family – then a tweet, like, or other status update is good enough.

But if you’re in business and want to make money by leveraging the power of social content, then you need to bring in the power of CRM and marketing automation.

Your first level of social content marketing – tweeting, posting on Facebook, etc. – is just about the aspect of attraction. It’s one of the first things you are doing to get people to take interest in you. It’s what my friend John Jantsh of Duct Tape Marketing says is “know, like, and trust.” It’s what Infusionsoft refers to as “Attract, Sell, and Wow.”

There are two big shifts happening with pretty much all the social services. First, they are quickly moving to enable you to capture leads with their services. Sure, Facebook has done this for a while, especially through third-party tools. But Twitter does this as well – through Twitter lead cards and now the ability to buy ads. Second, the social services are also providing better and better analytics to marketers to enable us to see the results of our posts and marketing efforts.

So how can CRM and social join forces?

Use social media to engage and attract the customer (or prospect) to you. You can amass a big tribe who loves what you are educating them about or engaging them with. Then, funnel these leads into a CRM tool that can provide them with more of what they want via email or other means.

Out of the 100 (or 10 million) people in your tribe, you only need a small percentage of them to actually buy from you. And your CRM system will help you know who is ready to buy. The person who goes from a retweet to downloading your “Guide to…” to calling your customer service center to posting on Facebook is probably very warm and very close to wanting to buy from you, or at least move from someone who is just in your tribe  to someone who is a warm prospect.

Make sense?

When you combine the power of social and CRM, you go from just “tweeting” to making money with social media. Now, doesn’t that sound good?

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