Brands Take to Twitter to Cross-Promote During Super Bowl

Last night’s Super Bowl proved to be a mixed bag for advertisements, but some brands still managed to win big on Twitter by using other companies’ Super Bowl spots to gain attention.

Doritos combined the popularity of Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” and the sentimentality of Nissan’s “With Dad” ads to create #puppydad. The chip brand also promised to donate $1 to pet shelters across America for every retweet. So far, #puppydad has been retweeted 4,500 times. 

Charmin capitalized on the feel-good message of Coca-Cola’s #MakeItHappy campaign by turning the conversation to toilet paper. Coca-Cola gamely played along by replying to the tweet. 

Always’ empowering #LikeAGirl spot was a big hit during the big game, and it was also an opportunity for JetBlue to join the conversation by tweeting a picture of the company’s female pilots.  

But the undisputed winner of last night’s Super Bowl social media was McDonald’s, which gave away other brands’ products as their Super Bowl spots aired in exchange for retweets as part of its “Pay with Lovin'” campaign. For example, during Mercedes-Benz’s “Fable” ad, McDonald’s gave away a Mercedes C300, and during a Doritos spot, the company gave away a “wheelbarrow full” of the chips. The Twitter campaign was a success, gaining McDonald’s more than 400,000 retweets. 

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