Brands <3 Emojis

Domino’s is taking mobile ordering to the next level. Starting Wednesday, users can place an order simply by tweeting the chain a pizza slice emoji. The pizza chain – which calls for users to register their payment information, Twitter handle and regular order on its website – is the latest brand to jump on the emoji bandwagon as the characters increase in popularity.

According to Instagram research from last week, within a month of iOS launching the emoji keyboard, 10 percent of the captions and comments on the platform contained at least one character. Not four years later, that number has swollen to nearly 40 percent, with many emojis having become widely-accepted substitutes for popular Internet slang like “LOL” and “bae.”

There isn’t currently a taco emoji, something Taco Bell has submitted a petition to remedy. However, there is one for beer, which Bud Light used, along with fireworks and American flags, to make one big American flag on the Fourth of July. In December, GE released a periodic table made entirely of emojis.