Cannes 2013 Video: Proximity BBDO – Work That’s Social by Design

ClickZ speaks with Andrew Bailey, chairman at Proximity BBDO, North America, who discusses the importance of coming to a festival like Cannes Lions, why it’s an exciting time in the digital marketing industry, and what they’re focusing on given the nature of this constantly changing environment.

According to Bailey, Proximity BBDO is focused on new formats and new opportunities to connect with consumers during this exciting and dynamic time in the business.

“What we’re really focused on across the board is making sure that the work that we’re doing is very much social by design, that it has very good digital and social bones about it at the core, it’s based on big ideas, and really great platforms that allow us to connect with consumers on behalf of the brands that we work on,” says Bailey.

Bailey comes to Cannes Lions “to see the standard of work that’s established, what sets the bar for excellent work in the industry, and to make sure that we’re up and educated on the latest trends and the things that are making great work great. It’s one of the best ways to do that every year, and it’s an inspiring time for our creatives and the leadership of the agencies alike.”

“The secondary objective is that we obviously share the ambition to do great work with our clients, and it’s a really important time for our clients to also experience where the bar sits in terms of fantastic work so that when we partner together we both know what awesome work looks like and how to do more of it,” says Bailey.

Their goal is to help clients focus on what they should do versus what they could do, and to help them understand the things that they need to focus on to drive their business in the year to come.

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