ClickTracks Unveils Mid-Tier Analytics Tool

Web analytics company ClickTracks has released a new, mid-tier product for site owners not prepared to pay the higher fees associated with its more expensive offering. The new software offers marketing and search campaign functionality but fewer e-commerce features than the company’s higher-end package.

“We’ve learned from a lot of businesses that marketers need a mid-priced product,” said John Marshall, ClickTracks’ chief executive. “Optimizer was designed to fill that gap.” Many business-to-business (B2B) marketers don’t need a return-on-investment (ROI) tool for e-commerce purchases, which is included in the company’s higher-end product, Marshall cited as an example.

The new product, ClickTracks Optimizer, costs $1,195 to license as software, or $99 a month as an ASP (define) or hosted service. This pricing falls midway between its high-end Pro and low-end Analyzer products, launched in 2003 and 2002, respectively.

Optimizer features a number of services not included in the basic Analyzer. A “robot report” allows customers to quickly see how often spiders crawl their sites, broken out by search engine and time period.

“We did not initially report on robot activity before, because we thought it was unnecessarily complex information for the average marketer,” Marshall said. “Since then, we’ve learned how many marketers eagerly want to know about and monitor that activity.”

Optimizer also includes a statistical look at sudden changes in Web data. It identifies if a site is suddenly picked up by a blog, for example, screening out the “background noise” of regular searches.

Other Optimizer services include integrated email tracking that tabulates email campaign effectiveness; and the ability to track custom ad campaigns, whether pay per click (PPC), banners, or even print ads. Optimizer also allows customers to conduct a behavioral comparison between traditional and paid search results across both Google’s and Overture’s platforms within a single window, according to the company.

ClickTracks currently has 6,000 customers, covering 20,000 Web sites.

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