ClickZ and BrightWave Publish New Email Marketing Book

ClickZ along with email marketing expert, Simms Jenkins, chief executive of BrightWave Marketing, have published a book entitled The New Inbox: Why Email Marketing is the Digital Marketing Hub in a Social & Mobile World.

The book is the second written by Jenkins and follows his first published title from 2008 called “The Truth About Email Marketing.

Email marketing remains the glue of any marketing department yet the rules are changing, says Jenkins. The new book will address the evolution in this key subject. It will include aspects such as how email marketing fits in a social networking crazed world; why mobile is the biggest game changer to hit email marketing; as well as real examples and advice on how to grow your list, create better emails, what to test and how to drive more sales, how to acquire more customers, and lastly, how to save your company money.

“Simms Jenkins has been a leading email marketing expert and contributor to since February of 2009. In that time he has contributed numerous ‘how to’s’, insights, tactics, and strategies that have helped our readers and community do their jobs better. “The New Inbox” is a much deeper dive and is a must read for those looking to excel in the marketing industry, whether they are responsible for email or not,” says Matt McGowan, managing director, Incisive Media.

“I am very excited about this new book and I think it comes at a crucial time for digital marketers who all need to understand why their programs need to evolve,” comments Jenkins.

For more information or to buy the book, click here. 

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