VIDEO: Long-Term Strategy Key to Short-Term Viral Success, Says Lenovo

Always being on has helped Lenovo engage hundreds of millions of people, said Stephanie Hing, campaign planning and delivery manager for Lenovo, at ClickZ Live Hong Kong.

Lenovo’s long-term strategy is to connect with its audiences around the clock in a bid to ensure that an elevated level of engagement and awareness is continuous in periods when campaigns are not active. For example, its May Tech World event in Beijing centered on a “life hacks” campaign, which reached 235 million people globally. The campaign began with a six-week lead-in of life hack content on social media, with conversations eventually continuing beyond the event.

“To build interest and awareness, we went out and listened to the kind of conversations our audience was having, and we came across life hacks as something they were interested in,” Hing says. “It made sense for us to be part of that conversation because we create products that help people become more efficient in their lives.”

In this video, Hing breaks down Lenovo’s digital strategy with the simple slogan: “Don’t be a flash in the pan; have a long term plan.” Listen to Hing discuss the three pillars of “advocate, activate and participate;” how to generate authentic conversations on social media; harnessing employees for user generated content; and engaging Millennial audiences.

“There are so many brands trying to target the same group of people, so we need to try and remain relevant,” Hing says. “For us to be relevant, we need to listen, we need to participate, and get them involved in what we are doing.”

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