Coca-Cola’s Journey to Successful Content Marketing

When one thinks of Coca-Cola, content marketing isn’t always the first thing that springs to mind. Yet since its launch of Journey back in 2012 – a socially enabled digital platform that features original and curated articles – content has been at the core of how the company connects and engages with its consumers.

“Everything starts with quality content,” says Doug Busk, group director, Digital Communications and Social Media, Coca-Cola, speaking to ClickZ at the recent ANA Digital and Social conference. “What our company tries to do is bridge the gap between great storytelling and more traditional marketing. As consumers and critics tell stories, Coca-Cola felt it was important to tell stories in the same way, by adding a voice to the digital dialogue as it happens,” he adds. 

Through Journey, Coca-Cola has been able to bring authenticity and transparency to its audiences in order to entertain, inform and change minds. Its winning content marketing formula enables the company to leverage and amplify real-time “moments” while also engaging consumers, ultimately driving sales.

What is the formula for a winning content marketing strategy? How does Coca-Cola measure the momentum of these so-called “moments” that drive engagement? How does content marketing translate to sales for the company? Lastly, the recent placement of a Coca-Cola ad at the end of the Mad Men series finale drove enormous brand lift. What can other brands learn from this?

Find out all the answers and more in the video interview with Busk below.

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