CPB’s Secret Sauce

Jeff Hicks, CEO of white hot Crispin Porter + Bogusky just delivered a really solid talk at WebSideStory’s Active Insights conference (astonishingly, there’s still life, and a thriving industry, across town from ad:tech, which winds down today).

“We’re much more akin to the publishing business,” Jeff said. “Our mission is to create content people won’t want to live without.” It’s impressive how not only cool many CPB’s campaigns for products ranging from BK to Vigrin Atlantic to Mini USA are, but also how utterly and completely product-driven.

In fact, “Look at the product before you go to paid media” is a big part of the message.

Sure, CPB is a great creative shop. What makes them stand out is they don’t just create great creative, but great creative messages about their clients’ products.

Sure, you remember the ad. You also remember what it was selling.

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