Delta’s New Safety Video Stars The Entire Internet

Delta’s new safety video on YouTube is as YouTube as possible in honor of the video-sharing platform’s 10th birthday this month.

Delta’s video is like a six-minute who’s who of video virality. The video pays tribute to a variety of popular memes such as Keyboard Cat, Overly-Attached Girlfriend and the Ice Bucket Challenge. Collectively, the famous videos have garnered more than 2 billion views. Since being published yesterday, Delta’s homage has more than 1.2 million.

“YouTube is a common denominator between everyone – we’ve all watched videos on the site and are familiar with many of these viral videos,” says Jeff Davis, chief executive (CEO) of video marketing ad technology company Molio. “Wieden + Kennedy was behind the viral Old Spice ads, so it’s clear they understand the impact of YouTube. Their decision to integrate viral user-generated and branded content from YouTube into Delta’s video has helped the airline create a viral video of its own.”

Recently, YouTube marketing has gotten pretty meta, with many brands attempting to cash in on now-retro viral sensations. For example, Wendy’s incorporated the Lonely Island “Like a Boss” meme into a commercial for its jalapeño chicken sandwich last month, while Lululemon posted a Sh*t Yogis Say video in reference to videos that were popular in 2012. So while this isn’t the first time a brand has piggybacked on viral success for marketing, it is the most exhaustive.

Matthew Scott, senior vice president of business development and strategy at people-powered marketing platform Crowdtap, notes that the Internet has completely democratized the celebrity endorsement.

“Emerging platforms are dominated by personalities and real people – not celebrities or even brands. These content creators often command larger followings and more influence than some of the largest and most-established media and entertainment properties around, which are struggling to break through in these spaces,” he says. “By borrowing equity from influential content creators, brands can reach people in authentic ways and achieve relevance in the eyes of younger consumers, who are following their favorite Vine comedians instead of tuning in to Saturday Night Live.”

Delta will begin showing the video on its aircrafts Monday.

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