Domino’s Urges Competitors to Make Basic Pizza with Online Classes

Having seen the pizza industry introduce many crazy spreads and novelty recipes, Domino’s collaborated with Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) to teach its competitors and pizza-lovers how to make easy-to-follow basic pizza.

The cardboard campus model is made of about 1,000 pizza boxes. The school offers four video classes: dough, sauce, cheese and toppings. Viewers can take each class by simply scrolling down and watching the video. After they complete four classes, they will acquire a pizza-making certificate, which they can add to their LinkedIn resume or Facebook profiles.

“We’ve found that so many pizza brands came up with weird toppings and artificial flavors, while we have been focused on the simplicity and quality of ingredients,” says Andrew Lincoln, vice president and creative director for CP+B. “We want to keep that simplicity and build a school to tell pizza lovers and our competitors how we make gimmick-free pizza slices.

“And a fun school campaign makes perfect sense around the back-to-school season,” he adds.

As part of the campaign, Domino’s has also created a mobile pizza school, urging its competitors to get back to basics, as well. While he declined to share any engagement metrics, Lincoln says the campaign is well-received at the moment, and can hopefully last a year.

“Right now, we cannot share any metrics, but we’ve seen people appreciating the sentiment behind the campaign,” he notes.

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