Facebook Collecting User Feedback on Ads

Facebook is soliciting user feedback on the quality and relevance of its ads. KnowledgeBid founder Rob Webb spotted a new thumbs up/thumbs down icon, posted below, similar to what it’s used to let people rate notifications. The feedback mechanism is fairly detailed, allowing a person to critique the ad for accuracy, relevance, offensiveness, and so on. ClickZ hasn’t yet been able to spot the feature in the wild. Based on the screen grab however, it appears to apply only to the company’s branded Facebook Ads units, which are not IAB standard formats, and not to the skyscraper ads that are brokered through Microsoft.

Based on my personal experience observing Facebook Ads, it would seem the company has a lot of work to do on relevance and value before it begins asking people what they think. Offers I’m seeing today include ads for executive coaching (I’m not an executive), Halo Wars (I’m not a gamer) and a semi-pornographic “high school cheerleaders” ad (I’m not a, uh, cheerleader).

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