Facebook Seeks to Boost Game Installs With Desktop Video App Ads

Facebook is looking to help marketers and developers drive desktop game installs with the introduction of a new video ad offering.

The ad unit, called desktop video app ads, will allow advertisers to use video creative for desktop app ads in Power Editor and Ads Create Tool. Desktop video app ads work the same as mobile app ads: They play automatically in News Feed, and have persistent call-to-actions (CTA) over the video pop-up for ads rendering on the right-hand side of the page. When a video ad finishes playing, users have the option to replay it or install the game.

For the time being, Facebook is testing desktop video app ads with a select group of partners, but the product will be available broadly soon.

It may seem odd for Facebook to introduce a new ad offering focused on desktop while 73 percent of the company’s total Q1 ad revenue came from mobile. But Facebook explains that desktop video app ads can help provide a standard consumer experience across both Web and mobile platforms.

“We’re launching desktop video app ads to support cross-platform advertising for our developers and to enable a consistent customer experience across platforms,” says Facebook. “We want to ensure we’re offering consistency across Web and mobile platforms, so [developers and marketers] can leverage the [product] that makes the most sense for their businesses.”

Image via Shutterstock.

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