Fiber One Turns Twitter Dieting Drama into YouTube #SnackDrama

fiber-one-snackdramaFiber One, a General Mills brand with a line of low-calorie snacks, is paying homage to the drama dieters face by turning their diet-specific angst into dramatic improv-style videos in its Snack Drama Theatre with the Snack Drama Players campaign.

On Facebook, Fiber One writes, “Introducing #SnackDrama and the Snack Drama Players! It’s basically a group of amazing actors, here to bring your Snack Drama to life.”

Calling itself the “savior of snack-time drama,” @FiberOne’s Twitter profile says it is “here to help make dieting suck less.”

On both networks, Fiber One asks its fans and followers to share their own snack dramas so the Snack Drama Players can potentially turn them into videos.

According to Elizabeth Eberle, senior marketing manager at General Mills, the campaign started around October 5, with tweets it solicited from celebrities. That includes the less popular Kardashian sisters Khloe and Kourtney and matriarch Kris, as well as reality stars Tia and Tamera Mowry.

Subsequent weeks have included consumer tweets, like, “Diet day 6. Social life ruined,” and, “I can’t stop thinking about the leftover pizza and cupcakes from my daughter’s birthday party.”

As of October 22, #SnackDrama includes about 24 YouTube videos, including @KhloeKardashian’s Fry Harder Next Time, as well as The Kale and I, Attack of the Mini Munchies and Chocolate Was His Name.

Viewership numbers range from less than 100 to more than 25,000, but most have a few hundred to a few thousand.

“We’ve reacted to their tweets by coming up with these fun improv snack dramas – we call them dramedies – that we reenact,” Eberle says. That includes about eight to 12 videos per week.

@TiaMowry’s A Cheesecake Between Us is the most popular with 26,000 views as of October 22.

Eberle says the brand plans to add about 10 more videos on the week of October 28 to wrap up the program with around 40 videos.

At the end of each video, the brand says, “Snack Drama plays are made possible by your tweets. Tweet your story and the Snack Drama Players may bring it to life.”

Fiber One launched a TV campaign focused on drama in August with its Turn Around Barry and Turn Around Barbara spots, which are focused on weight manager males and females, Eberle says.

“We feel like the insight here is that the weight manager female in particular has a lot of emotion around her snacking decisions and the great thing about Fiber One snacks…is [they take] the drama out of snack choices,” Eberle says. “This zero drama campaign in TV has resonated, so we felt like we needed to take this idea and expand beyond TV. Our digital campaign of #SnackDrama was a way to amplify our TV campaign in different conversations and media outlets.”

While Fiber One started with a weight manager female target, it has since opened up its target to be more inclusive of male weight managers as well, Eberle says.

Fiber One has shared some of the videos on Facebook, as well as a meme tied to the videos.

The brand has 415,000 fans and 3,300 followers.

“Our target is conducting its snacking drama in tweets, so we want to come back to them and make them laugh by reenacting snacking drama in fun, funny, improv-comedy-type videos,” Eberle says.

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