Fox Aims to Portal-ize MySpace

24.jpgWhat could be more risqué than Subservient Chicken? Perhaps advertising on MySpace. Well, Burger King probably isn’t running too many risks through its planned sponsorship of free downloads of Fox’s “24” from MySpace pages that will branded with the burger joint’s “Have It Your Way” tag.

According to a Wall Street Journal story, Fox, whose parent co. News Corp also owns MySpace, will also offer ad-free episodes of the popular show for $1.99 (the same cost of shows from Fox and its rival networks on iTunes).

Burger King also will sponsor free episodes of the Speed channel’s drag-racing show “Pinks” and the Fuel channel’s action-sports show “Firsthand.”

Evidently MySpace hopes to compete more directly with entertainment portals like Yahoo and Apple’s iTunes. Obviously it makes sense for Fox to use the huge MySpace audience as leverage in its online media experiments. Chances are it won’t hurt when it comes to repositioning MySpace as a place for more than just CGM (or a hangout for bored teens and pedophiles).

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