Full Banners Carry Bulk of Advertising Load

The full 468 x 60 banner is by far the most popular size on the Web, but few sites rely solely on full banners to handle the advertising load, according to the quarterly rate card survey by AdRelevance.

Frequency of Full Banner
Ad Rates
Percentage of
Sites Offering
> $70 1%
$70 2%
$65 2%
$60 3%
$55 5%
$50 9%
$45 6%
$40 10%
$35 10%
$30 13%
$25 15%
$20 17%
$15 6%
$10 2%
$5 1%
Source: AdRelevance

Nearly all (95 percent) of the sites monitored by AdRelevance carry the full banner advertisement. Fewer than 20 percent, however, rely on the full banner alone. More than half of the sites offer advertisers a short button (120 x 60), and nearly as many carry a micro button (88 x 31).

For the study, AdRelevance polled 115 of the Web’s most highly trafficked, popular, and influential sites. The sites span 20 different content genres, ranging from topic verticals such as Health & Fitness to broad and comprehensive portals. The particpants reflect a representative cross-section of the commercial Web, according to AdRelevance.

Banner and button rates follow the logical pattern of price diminishing with the size of the ad, according to the study. Buttons, on average, are worth one-half to one-third as much as a full banner, but the survcey found some sites are practically giving buttons away. For example, one Health & Fitness site asks just $0.25 per 1,000 for a micro button and $0.45 for a small button, compared to average rates of $13.30 and $14.80, respectively.

According to AdRelevance, the most common rate for a full banner is $20 per 1,000 impressions, while the median rate at the center of the distribution is $30. Prices range from a minimum of $5 per 1,000 on an open community site to a maximum of $92.50 on a technology vertical. The average CPM for a full banner is $33.22, the survey found.

Advertising on sites in the Reference & Education and Computing & Technology genres costs a premium, with average rate cards in excess of $50. AdRelevance found half of the 10 most expensive full banners are on Computing & Technology sites. Communities and Yellow & White Pages sites are the least expensive in terms of full banner rates, with average CPMs in the $20 range.

Participants in the AdRelevance rate card survey were guaranteed anonymity, and provided non-negotiated rate cards for banner and button advertisements available for purchase on their sites. This information was augmented with data from the AdRelevance service, which details where each dimension of ad appears across the Web. AdRelevance plans on updating its rate card survey on a quarterly basis.

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