Goodbye SEO, SEM, and Advertising: A Job Description for Digital Marketers of the Future

As with most jobs, the role of a digital marketer is set to change significantly in the next few years. The role that was once about “making people want things” is fast becoming about “making things people want.” Instead of exploiting transient value, the next generation of digital marketers will need the skills to create sustainable, ongoing value.

In the age of personal digital services in the experience economy, here’s a job description that some digital marketers of today might be considering in just a few short years:

Role: Digital Service Designer

About You:
You’ll have a deep and nuanced understanding of multiple cultures and be able to work without direction or supervision. Largely self-directed, you’ll be responsible for discovering and creating new markets, co-designing new services that address real and fundamental human needs. You’ll be able to analyze large amounts of data with intuition and insight and be fluent in empathic research and design techniques.

About Us:
We’re a personal services agency that creates unique, contextual, and serendipitous experiences for people. We deliver our services to a base of around 8 million people. We’re a distributed global team of 28, with a holacratic organizational structure and a lifestyle culture.

Overall Responsibility:
You’ll be responsible for creating and discovering new markets. In your role as client proxy, you’ll lead and influence the human-centered design of new products and services (and iterating existing ones) throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Key Skills:
Client empathy skills and tools, technical literacy, and design savvy are required for this role:

  • Data science
  • Experience design 
  • Creative insight and foresight
  • Exceptional social skills
  • Technical fluency and prototyping skills
  • Sustainable product lifecycle management
  • Continuous self development

We’ll review your online portfolio with a particular emphasis on the following:

  • Compelling case stories supported by proven results
  • Evidence of continuous, self-directed learning
  • Evidence of the creative and innovative use of design and technology 
  • Evidence of client satisfaction and measurable social impact

Note: While a university degree will not be considered a disadvantage, we will preference candidates with more direct and current experience.

We’ll contact a variety of people to get further insight into your personality and reputation.

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