Hoops & Yoyo

Ever heard of Hoops & Yoyo? We hadn’t, until ClickZ’s crack Associate Editor Erin Brenner called them to our attention.

Apparently, Hallmark has a mini-franchise going with these cute and droll characters (Erin says her kids are nuts about them). From the Hoops & Yoyo homepage there are links to a blog, CGM in the form of user-submitted photos, wallpaper, a store, a newsletter, advice columns, the whole nine yards. E-cards are available in no less than seven languages and there’s even a MySpace page a few YouTube videos (one seems to have been posted by Hallmark).

This is a site that’s doing everything right — even if none of the rest of us were aware of the duo. But hey — that only means they have a viral component, too.

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