How to Achieve Mind-Blowing Content Marketing ROI #CZLSF

As his ClickZ Live San Francisco session gets closer, Jason Miller, senior content marketing manager at LinkedIn and the author of the Amazon Best Seller Welcome to the Funnel, chats with us about the most engaging content formats, and how to achieve and measure content marketing ROI.

ClickZ (CZ): Can you tell us about your role at LinkedIn and the priorities in your content marketing strategy?

Jason Miller (JM): I lead global content marketing and social media efforts for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. I tell the story of how marketers can use LinkedIn as part of their integrated marketing approach and thought leadership.

CZ: What makes valuable content?

JM: I think we tend to overcomplicate the process of creating value for our audience. At its core, good content is helpful, not a sales pitch. A world-class content marketing strategy should include helpful relevant content that inspires, educates, solves problems, and sometimes entertains. That’s what is going to win for marketers now and will continue to [win] moving forward. If you run out of ideas, then you are doing it wrong.

CZ: Which content formats do you find the most engaging?

JM: It really depends. I’m a reader and a listener, so blogs and podcasts are what I prefer and where I spend a lot of time consuming content. I also love visual content such as SlideShare presentations and infographics. But this isn’t about me; it’s about the audience I am trying to reach. So I say, be everywhere and then chip away at what formats and channels are not producing results. The next step is to test messaging and creative to refine what is working so that you can optimize and scale. Don’t try to tell a story where an audience isn’t paying attention, but always try new ways to reach them.

CZ: With so many metrics to track, what are the right tools to measure content marketing ROI?

JM: I look at a few metrics, such as non-branded keyword referral traffic, engagement, lead quality and pipeline driven by content and channel. In order to measure your content and social efforts effectively you are going to need a marketing automation solution, Google Analytics, and a solid tool for listening and measuring social.

CZ: As a sneak-peek of your session at ClickZ Live San Francisco, give us three tips on how to pair social media with content marketing and achieve mind-blowing ROI.


  1. Focus on the blog. It’s certainly not the sexiest piece of social media, but it is the most important. I will discuss proven tactics for driving revenue from what I call “the social media rug that ties the room together.”
  2. Inbound is not enough. If you want to break through your initial following, it’s vital to include an element of paid promotion in the form of native advertising.
  3. In order to deliver a true marketing experience, you need organize your marketing team like the rock band KISS. I’ll explain that in much more detail during my session; that’s my grand finale.

We’re looking forward to Jason’s session on “How to Achieve Mind-Blowing Content Marketing ROI” on August 11. You can catch him at ClickZ Live San Francisco by registering here.

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