Illegal Gambling Ad on New Pixelotto Site?

bodog.gifGambling site Bodog is among the advertisers that have bought ads on the latest site from the Million Dollar Homepage guy. This one’s called Pixelotto, and, according to a Wall Street Journal story, “Each pixel costs advertisers $2. Visitors who click on ads can register free for a chance to win half the proceeds in a drawing to take place 13 months after the site launched. That’s a prize of $1 million if all million pixels are sold. [Site owner Alex Tew] will give another $100,000 to a charity of the winner’s choice and pocket the remaining $900,000 himself.”

I have to say the Bodog ad is especially interesting because real money gambling was banned for U.S. users by legislation passed months ago. Still, the image tag text for the ad, which links to Bodog’s poker, casino and sports book betting sites, reads “US players accepted.” Earlier this month, the company announced it is pulling its ad money out of the US market. I spoke with a spokesperson from Bodog who told me they would be continuing their US-aimed online advertising.

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