In AvantGo Upgrade, Benefit for Advertisers

The AvantGo mobile content platform’s new wireless synchronization capability has created more immediate opportunities for consumers to interact with advertisers. Previously, the platform required its seven million global subscribers to synch their device with a desktop before getting new content.

In addition to expanding its users’ access to content, the feature will let AvantGo’s channel sponsors reach consumers on the go and in the middle of their purchase cycle, executives say. For instance, AvantGo’s automotive clients will provide on-demand dealer locator information to users whenever they request it. Acura, Volkswagen and Corvette all sponsor dealer locator channels on AvantGo.

James Ryan, AvantGo’s editorial director, said wireless synching is getting advertisers to think creatively about the content and services they place in their sponsored channels.

“Most of our auto partners started out with static product channels,” he said. “Now we’re able to start beefing up these kinds of CRM applications.”

The wireless connectivity is part of an overall redesign of the platform, which also included a new look and support for Palm OS 5, Pocket PC and Symbian browsers. Additionally, the platform allows users to specify particular channels they wish to update.

“You can synch individual channels, which our marketing partners will appreciate,” said Ryan. “If someone just wants to update a flight schedule from American Airlines, they can synch that channel alone.”

The new version of AvantGo has been in beta testing since fall, and iAnywhere soft-launched it among new users in late December. The company will promote the new platform to existing users, but has no plans to advertise it.

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