Insights, Tricks, Mistakes, and Future Trends Digital Marketers Should Know [Video]

At ClickZ Live San Francisco last month, Yahoo’s Lauren Weinberg, Amazon’s Katie Seegers, and Hootsuite’s Jeanette Gibson, among other industry veterans, discussed their digital marketing strategies, and offered attendees valuable suggestions.

For those that missed the premier event, we wanted to bring you a recap of some of the biggest takeaways that came out of the these leading business marketers’  sessions. In the video interviews below, you can hear what they think are the biggest mistakes marketers are making right now, as well as their takes on the prevailing trends in the digital marketing industry.

Lauren Weinberg, Vice President (VP) of Global Research and Insights at Yahoo, on How Mobile Is Changing Everything for Both Consumers and Business Marketers

Weinberg believes that as more and more consumers watch videos and consume other types of content on mobile multiple times a day, the channel is not just for communication any more. Mobile is changing the way consumers search and their expectations of search, which presents a big opportunity for marketers to bring rich search experience to consumers, she says.

Katie Seegers, Email Manager at Amazon, on Email Testing and Targeting

Seegers is a strong believer in the value of testing. “There’s no small thing to test,” she says. The biggest takeaway from her session? It’s beneficial to conduct continuing email testing to improve return on investment (ROI). In addition, Seegers suggests that marketers should segment their customer base, and send them “the right content at the right time.”

Jeanette Gibson, VP of Community at Hootsuite, on Targeting and Audience Engagement

Gibson thinks that marketers and brands should be smart about how they are using data. “It’s not [about] how much data. It’s [about] taking a certain piece of data and really making sure it’s actionable,” she notes, adding that marketers should chunk up the data they have and make it usable for their campaign.

Jordan Koene, Head of SEO at eBay, on Penalties and Algorithm Updates

Koene explains that there is a huge difference between penalties and algorithm updates. He further points out that the biggest mistake that brands are making now in the SEO space is they are not evaluating their content.

According to him, Google sends manual viewers to assess online content, but the search giant does not disclose the information. Therefore, companies should conduct their own internal content evaluation.

Meanwhile, it’s important for brands to understand where their traffic drops come from, he adds.

Simon Heseltine, Senior Director of Audience Development at AOL, on Brand Reputation Management

The biggest takeaway from Heseltine’s session is that companies should constantly monitor what’s going on around their brand and take precautions. “If you don’t have a strategy in place in order to respond to any kind of problems around your brand, that can cause an issue for you,” he says.

Thom Craver, VP of Development and IT at Internet Marketing Ninjas, on Analytics

Craver notes that while there’s a variety of tools available for marketers to measure their websites, it’s crucial to segment the data in order to understand their audience – what visitors are doing on the brand’s website, and whether they are converted to consumers or not.

The video interviews above are just a short snippet of some of the conversations at ClickZ Live San Francisco 2014. If you want to learn more insights, tips, tricks, and future trends, you can review the full sessions here. Or you can register for next ClickZ Live conference in Chicago, and mingle with leading digital marketers in person!

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