Instagram now allows multi-photo posts and extended Carousel Ads

Instagram has increased the number of photos and videos we can upload for each post. How can brands take advantage?

Instagram announced that it will now allow us to share multiple photos and videos in one post, while also increasing its ad carousel units to 10 photos and videos.

As brands start using Instagram more, they may have already wished they had the option of sharing multiple images in one post, the way Facebook does. Now it’s finally happening, and it offers a great opportunity to take storytelling to the next level.

How to upload multiple photos in one post

It’s very easy to upload more than one photo in a post, as the process is similar to Facebook’s user experience, where you pick multiple photos that you want to upload in the post.

  • Tap the upload button as you normally would and select the new icon to upload multiple photos and videos.
  • Edit your post as little or as much as you want – filter everything at once or edit individual photos and videos.
  • Tap and hold to change the order or remove a photo or video from your selection.
  • Captions and location tags apply to the entire post, as well as likes and comments. You can tag friends in individual photos.
  • When you see a post like this in feed, you’ll notice blue dots at the bottom. Swipe back and forth to view the entire post.

The feature is expected to roll out globally in the next weeks both on iOS and Android, so we’re expecting to see more of these posts very soon.


How brands can benefit from multiple photos in one post

This update has numerous benefits for brands, as it can be useful both for carousel ads, and also for daily use.

Carousel ads that have up to 10 photos can provide more details about campaign promotion, which brings the opportunity to take advantage of visual content to increase awareness and clicks.

The daily posts can serve as a story on their own and it’s now up to brands to discover how storytelling can narrate their identity in the best possible way.

For example, the new posts can be used to:

  • create a memorable experience through a series of photos
  • increase engagement with each photo creating a connection with the audience
  • create ‘how-to’ videos that explain your product
  • encourage new types of interactive stories coming directly from users.

Although the last one resembles Instagram’s ephemeral Stories, the difference is that these posts still stay on the feed for more than 24 hours, which means that they have bigger chances to be noticed.


It may not sound like a big addition for Instagram, but the evolution of Stories along with this update may offer a great opportunity for brands to invest more in the already popular visual content. It’s all about finding the story that will help you reach a wider audience and reach your goals.

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