Interactive Marketing Salaries Show Steady Increase

Want to pull in the big bucks in interactive marketing? Then consider aiming for the position of VP, e-commerce.

A salary guide, prepared by executive recruitment firm Crandall Associates, reports that executives who lead a company’s e-commerce marketing strategy earn an average of $155,900 a year. The pay range for the role of VP, e-commerce, is $113,700 to $203,400.

The next highest paid gigs in interactive marketing, according to Crandall Associates, are Internet marketing directors and interactive creative directors. Internet marketing directors, who earn between $84,100 and $125,800, fall under the category of executives responsible for developing and executing a strategic e-business marketing plan, among other duties. Interactive creative directors, who earn between $95,100 and $150,400, are responsible for developing creative briefs, website prototypes, and design concepts.

Wendy Weber, president of Crandall Associates, said the salary guide is based on interviews and discussions with than 1,000 people, including employers, from presidents to human resources officers, as well as job candidates. For a reality check, she said, the firm spoke with people working in online marketing, including those not interested in another position.

When asked whether social media is emerging as a job category, Weber said in an e-mail interview, “Social media is definitely on our radar, but at this point we have not conducted enough search assignments for positions that focus exclusively on social media to create a salary report with reliable data. We are certainly finding that most online/ecommerce position descriptions include some social media responsibility.”

When asked how salaries in interactive marketing compare to traditional marketing jobs, Weber said the number of interactive marketing positions – and salaries – are growing at a steady pace. “Traditional direct marketing is a more mature market, and whether or not salaries are growing is generally reliant on how much revenue the position is generating for the company,” she said.

Interactive Marketing Salaries for 2010 vs. 2011
  Average annual salary  
Year-over-year change (%)
VP, e-commerce 155,700 155,900 0.1
Director, Internet marketing 100,500 101,200 0.7
Director, interactive creative 99,600 100,300 0.7
Manager, Web marketing 79,100 80,300 1.5
Manager, Internet marketing 78,700 79,700 1.3
Web analytics manager 76,100 78,200 2.8
Digital media buyer 76,300 76,400 0.1
SEO specialist 74,900 75,000 0.1
Manager, e-mail marketing 73,500 73,800 0.4
Interactive copywriter 70,600 72,400 2.5
SEM analyst 67,100 67,800 1.0
SEO analyst 66,500 66,900 0.6
Affiliate manager, online marketing 66,200 66,500 0.5
Digital media planner 64,300 64,500 0.3
Director, interactive art 63,300 63,500 0.3
Source: Crandall Associates

A full report, which includes the average salary and salary ranges for 21 positions, plus job descriptions, can be can be downloaded for $50.

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