Internet Week Shines Light on Digital Video’s Progress and Mobile Advertising’s Emergence

When the industry gathers, as it will this week, we have the opportunity (or excuse) to zoom in and take stock of how we’re doing. So, with Internet Week upon us, let’s take note of digital video’s increased power and polish. When I think about the strides we’ve taken over even the past year, I know that conversations this week will be different. The bar absolutely is higher and all players in the equation are doing their part to keep pace and innovate.

So where is the light shining brightest on mobile video?

The Blooming Relationship Between Audiences, Content, and Investment

Video is the undisputed champion of engaging digital content and brand advertising. Advances in ad technology, infrastructure, and visual creative capacity have led to wider acceptance of mobile media as a force to be reckoned with. Early adopters and legacy participants have known this for a while, but the major investment to sight, sound, and motion by traditional media companies like Conde Nast and Time Inc., along with the increased value and validation of MCNs like Maker demonstrate that there is real money to be made in quality video content. Audiences are flocking to digital programing and advertisers are lined up to follow.

Out of Adolescence, Mobile Is Growing Up

It is great to see clear-minded, widespread adoption of industry standards for our space, primarily led by the IAB. We are getting beyond the pimple-faced phase with mobile advertising, and while there is still much work to be done, the march to uniformity will assure that advertisers will be able to find comfort in the fastest growing medium in the world. Mobile video in particular stands to benefit from standards like OCR and VCE and other device agnostic audience validation metrics. Oh, and people have finally stopped making the “this is the year of mobile” jokes on panels. I think. Well, I guess we’ll see this week. But, it’s sure to fall flat. The industry as a whole is on board.

Content Without Borders, It Travels

Whether it is major media companies distributing great video snippets across the Web, or branded native advertising adding value to consumers as they browse stories, content has never been more accessible and ubiquitous. I like to think the zoo is dead. Long live the safari. There are no longer boundaries and the channels and traditional destinations have been redefined. Good content, especially powerful video content, will always rise to meet our attention. We find, curate, stick with, and share what we love. And, now more than ever, there’s a lot to love.

There will be a variety of themes, topics, and conversations lighting up the calendar this week, but I cannot help but take notice of the industry’s full-force progress to a new level of confidence, investment, and maturity. Consumers adopting multiple entertainment devices and content providers putting forth the effort to provide them with ultimate convenience assure that we will soon live in a world where all screens will be equally valued.

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