Is There a Market for Dynamic Ad Placements in Downloadable Media?

ClickZ published a story today on a move by Podbridge, a podcast ad management and ad network firm, to expand its offerings beyond a dynamic ad insertion and measurement method it pioneered for downloadable media. By allowing hard-coded ad placements and the measurement of mere downloads (as opposed to actual ad views), the firm seemed to suggest there’s a stronger market — or at least an unignorable one — for static ad placements versus dynamic ones.

After the article ran, Podbridge CEO Murgesh Navar reached out to me to affirm his belief in the ongoing potential for dynamic ad swapping in downloadable media. Here’s what he wrote:

Now that the monetization of the medium is being proven by the front running news/info content it is time for the evergreen content to come into podcasting. But evergreen content has the requirement to swap ads “after” download. The requirement here is “dynamic at play” and measurement of play. Our iTunes plug-in solution addresses this as a complement to our [Limelight Networks] integrated ad serving.

Just noting it for the record.

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