KOL, DIC Team for Kids Programming Block on CBS

DIC Entertainment and KOL, AOL’s kid destination, have struck a deal to together produce a Saturday morning broadcast programming block on CBS with strong online media tie-ins.

Programs airing on the new block, called “KOL’s Saturday Morning Secret Slumber Party on CBS,” will combine KOL material, such as a “Dance Revolution” series hosted by Radio KOL DJ Rick Adams, with DIC’s own stable of TV shows. DIC has a library of animated series with titles including “Inspector Gadget”, “Strawberry Shortcake”, “Sabrina”, “Madeline”, “Liberty’s Kids”, “Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?”, “Sonic The Hedgehog”, “Super Mario Bros”, “Care Bears” and “Trollz”.

KOL and DIC will launch a Web site to supplement the on-air programming, with content such as games, behind-the-scenes features and clips from the shows. Advertising products will be tightly integrated across the broadcast and online properties.

“We’ve got an ever growing media presence with KOL and joining together with DIC to co-produce the Saturday Morning Secret Slumber Party is a superb way for us to be able to give marketers everything they want, from TV through online,” Malcolm Bird, SVP of AOL Kids & Teens, told ClickZ News.

Bird added, “I think it’s the first time marketers have had the opportunity to plan their marketing in a combined multi-platform way and to be able to tie the TV properties directly to the online properties.”

Additionally, “KOL’s Saturday Morning Secret Slumber Party on CBS” will carry public service announcements on healthy eating featuring popular KOL animated character “Princess Natasha.” These will appear both on-air and online.

DIC and KOL said they are also developing shows for 2007.

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