Lucky Charms Fetes Adult Fans in #LuckyWasHere 50th Anniversary Promo

lc-pr-02Lucky Charms cereal, which has proclaimed itself “magically delicious” for 50 years, is marking the milestone with a Tumblr, the hashtag #LuckyWasHere, and a YouTube music video.

The digital content is part of the brand’s relatively recent effort to market to adults, a demographic that consumes 48 percent of the product, according to Nicci Trovinger, associate marketing manager for Lucky Charms.

“For the first 49 years, we always talked to kids,” Trovinger says. The anniversary campaign, however, is “an opportunity to reconnect with adult users,” she adds.

Lucky Charms’ 50th anniversary celebration is a 50-day event “thanking fans young and old for keeping the magic alive all these years,” and also includes the 50th birthday of Lucky the Leprechaun, which, conveniently, lands on St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucky has been the brand mascot for all 50 years with the exception of one “mini hiatus” in 1975, Trovinger says. At that time, Lucky was replaced by a character named Waldo the Wizard, but he magically reappeared on boxes less than a year later, a rep adds.

In addition to the Lucky Was Here Tumblr, the anniversary celebration also includes a video with “pop vocal sensation” Pentatonix singing Lucky’s “famous magically delicious jingle” and “reimagining the classic Lucky Charms litany in iconic musical styles tracing the past five decades.”

As of February 6, it has 44,000 views.

The video can be found on the Lucky Was Here Tumblr, where the brand will also share vintage commercials, trivia, and behind-the-scenes content to “provide a daily dose of delight to fans as a way to say thank you,” Trovinger says.

The site launched January 20, at which point the brand seeded it with some of the aforementioned content prior to officially kicking off the celebration on January 26.

Over the course of the campaign, the brand says “surprises will pop up in unexpected places across the country and online.”

Lucky Charms encourages consumers to follow #LuckyWasHere “to see where Lucky and his charms pop up.”

Beginning March 4, fans will also be able to play the Where’s Lucky? game, in which Lucky has left a trail of magical charms and surprises behind with his #LuckyWasHere mark and participants must search for him by flipping over tiles on an interactive map.

Up for grabs are branded prizes like Lucky Charms Monster DNA headphones and bracelets with charms inspired by the cereal’s marshmallow shapes, as well as hats, sneakers, a pro-style skateboard, and Casetagram cases.

The campaign will wrap up on St. Patrick’s Day, or what the brand calls “the luckiest day of the year.”

It targets Lucky Charms’ “adult brand champions,” which Trovinger describes as “kids at heart, who grew up with Lucky Charms and really have strong loyalty and enthusiasm.”

“We want to say thanks to them. Without them, we wouldn’t be an iconic brand,” she adds.

@LuckyCharms has 1,400 followers and 518,000 likes.

Trovinger says Lucky Charms launched its Twitter handle after it began talking to adults last year and started growing its online presence.

A limited-edition 50th anniversary St. Patrick’s Day-themed cereal with all green clover marshmallows is available at grocery stores starting in February.

Lucky Charms is a General Mills brand.

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